Laser engraving machine, as its name suggests, is an advanced equipment for engraving materials that need to be engraved by laser. Laser engraving machine is different from mechanical engraving machine and other traditional manual engraving methods. Mechanical engraving machine uses mechanical means, such as diamond and other materials with high hardness to carve other things. What are the main points about the failure of laser engraving machine?


1. The installation fulcrum of the laser tube shall be reasonable, and the fulcrum shall be at 1 / 4 of the total length of the laser tube, otherwise the spot mode of the laser tube will deteriorate, and some spots will become several points after working for a period of time, resulting in the decline of laser power and failure to meet the requirements, resulting in continuous tube replacement. Carefully read the precautions for the use of laser tube.

2. The cooling water tank and the cooling pipe can not be cleaned properly. Otherwise, the cooling water tank and the cooling pipe can not be cleaned properly, and the cooling water pipe can not be replaced frequently, which will cause the cooling water tank and the cooling pipe to fall off.

3. The water protection shall be checked and cleaned frequently. The cooling water cannot be flushed frequently. The water protection float switch or the water protection float switch does not reset, and the short circuit method cannot be used to solve the urgent problem. The cooling water quality is good, and the aluminum oxide of the water nozzle is too serious. After use for a period of time, the dirt in the water pump, water pipe and water protection should be cleaned regularly, otherwise the laser tube will burst or the cold water head will fall off.

4. The air suction device shall be checked and cleaned regularly to clean the air duct of the fan. Otherwise, a lot of smoke and dust can not be discharged, which will seriously and quickly pollute the lens and laser tube, making all mechanical and electronic components easy to oxidize and cause poor contact.

5. Check the focusing lens and reflector. After working for a while, the lens frame will heat, and the lens surface will change color and rust; Film removal and cracking are the objects to be replaced. In particular, many customers use large air pumps and air compressors, which will quickly accumulate water on the focusing lens. Therefore, it is necessary to check the cleanliness and quality of the optical path system of the lens (laser tube outlet) on time.

6. The working environment of the machine should not be too bad. If the ambient temperature is higher than 30 degrees and lower than 18 degrees, there is too much dust and serious air pollution, so the machine is seriously damaged and the failure rate continues to rise; Electrical accessories are easy to go wrong in humid environment. Therefore, the customer is specially reminded to improve the working environment and maintain the machine frequently.

7. The power of power grid shall be matched. The power distribution and contact points of each part of the whole equipment shall be good (fan, water cooler, laser machine, laser power supply and computer shall be powered independently).

8. The working current of the laser tube shall be reasonable and shall not work at 90-100 light intensity for a long time; To rationalize the application of laser and save laser energy; The optical path system should be clean and correct, otherwise the laser tube will age and break prematurely. Therefore, the working time intensity of the laser machine should be adjusted at 50-60%, and then the working speed should be adjusted according to the materials. This is the good working state of the laser tube.

9. The bottom plate and the processed materials shall be flat, otherwise the focal length will be inconsistent, and some parts will not be cut through. In this way, the light intensity will be increased, which will also lead to the rapid aging of the laser tube.

10. The heat dissipation of the laser power supply should be smooth, otherwise the temperature will rise very high once the working current is adjusted by more than 50%, which will increase the failure rate of the laser power supply. For example, TM series machines can take down the side door and directly radiate the heat emitted by the power supply.

Post time: Aug-09-2021