At present, metal processing and manufacturing are inseparable from cutting. There are a variety of cutting methods. At present, the most suitable is laser cutting. Laser cutting is divided into many kinds. At present, the most mainstream are fiber laser cutting, CO2 laser cutting and YAG laser cutting. They have their own advantages and disadvantages.


1. Fiber laser cutting machine:

Main advantages: low energy consumption and high photoelectric conversion rate. It is the fastest equipment for cutting stainless steel materials at present. The laser beam is stable and the light spot is dense. It is suitable for cutting precision small parts.

Main disadvantages: the core technology of laser is only in the hands of a few manufacturers, resulting in the price of laser is generally expensive. The cutting gap is small and the steam consumption is large. Fiber laser cutting machine is difficult to cut materials with high light transmittance, such as aluminum alloy and copper.

Product positioning: thick plate cutting, especially high-precision plate processing, is mainly for manufacturers requiring high precision and high efficiency. According to statistics, fiber laser cutting machine will replace most of the CO2 laser cutting machine market.

2. CO2 laser cutting machine:

Main advantages: high power, general power is close to the middle, 4mm of basic raw materials such as full-size stainless steel plate and carbon steel can be cut, as well as aluminum plate, sub leather plate, wood plate, PVC plate, etc. In the case of cutting thin plates, the cutting speed is very fast. In addition, because the CO2 laser generator emits continuous laser, it has good cutting section effect in three laser cutting machines.

Main disadvantages: since the core technology of CO2 laser generator is in the hands of a few manufacturers, the price of most equipment is high. In addition, in specific applications, the operation cost is very high, the amount of gas required for cutting is also very large, and the consumables are also very expensive.

Product positioning: 6 ~ 25 mm thick steel plate cutting, mainly for external processing laser cutting companies. However, due to the unavoidable reasons such as the repeated maintenance damage of its laser generator and the high power consumption of the server, in recent years, its market has been greatly threatened by YAG laser cutting machine and optical fiber laser cutting machine. According to statistics, after the further development trend of laser cutting machine in the future, CO2 laser cutting machine will be replaced by fiber laser cutting machine.

3. YAG solid state laser cutting machine:

Main advantages: it can cut aluminum, copper and most rare metal materials that cannot be cut by other laser cutting machines. The equipment has the advantages of low purchase price, low application cost and simple maintenance. The core technology of equipment manufacturing has been grasped by Chinese companies, with high quality and low price of accessories and maintenance, simple equipment operation and low maintenance cost.

Main defects: only raw materials below 8mm are cut, with high cutting efficiency and low relativity.

Product positioning: cut to less than 8mm, mainly for small enterprises and sheet metal manufacturing, household appliances manufacturing, kitchen supplies manufacturing, decoration, advertising and other customer applications with low processing requirements, and slowly replace traditional production equipment such as wire cutting, CNC stamping, water cutting and low-power ion cutting.

Post time: Aug-09-2021