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Laser tube, full name: glass sealed CO2 laser. Therefore, it is commonly known as laser tube structure.

Working principle: high voltage discharge excites high concentration CO2 gas to produce laser with wavelength of 10.6um.

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Structure composition

It is mainly composed of hard glass, resonant cavity and electrode.

1. Hard glass part; This part is composed of discharge tube, water cooling jacket, air storage jacket and air return pipe made of GG17 material. Sealed off CO2 lasers usually have a three-layer casing structure. The innermost layer is the discharge tube, the middle layer is the water purification sleeve, the outermost layer is the gas storage sleeve, and the air return pipe is used to connect the discharge tube and the gas storage pipe.

2. Resonator part: this part is composed of full mirror and output mirror. The total mirror of the resonator is generally based on optical glass and coated with gold film. The reflectivity of the gold film mirror near 10.6um is more than 98%; The output mirror of the resonator is generally made of germanium (GE), an infrared material that can transmit 10.6um radiation, which is plated with multilayer dielectric film.

3. Electrode part: CO2 laser generally adopts cold cathode with cylindrical shape. The selection of cathode material has a great impact on the service life of the laser. The basic requirements for cathode material are: low sputtering rate and low gas absorption rate,

The main specifications and models of laser tubes are based on the laser power.

Common models: 15W, 25W, 40W, 60W, 80W

Laser tubes with different power are mainly divided into different lengths. For example, the length of 60W laser tube is 1200mm or 1250mm, and the length of 80W laser tube is generally 1600mm

Laser tubes are mainly used for CO2 laser processing equipment. Such as laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, etc.

Performance and difference

1. Service life: since the laser tube is the consumable of the laser engraving machine, the service life has become the most important purchase index for users. The difference in service life is mainly due to processing technology and design technology. Generally, the working life of domestic laser tubes is about 1500 hours (60W as an example).

2. Laser energy: the maximum light intensity of laser tubes with different performance is different.

3. Spot quality: the nature can be determined by the laser tube mode. The quality of light spot is determined by many links of production process. The quality of light spot directly affects the performance of users.

4. Stability: products with poor performance are prone to air leakage, non external explosion and other problems in terms of stability.

Precautions for use

1. It must be used under good circulating water cooling conditions.

2. Laser power supply with reliable performance must be provided.

3. Wiring shall be reliably insulated.

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