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Laser power is a high-performance automatic ignition constant current power, which is divided into continuous laser power and pulse laser power. Continuous laser power is a high-performance automatic ignition constant current power, and pulse laser power is specially designed for pulsed Nd: YAG laser.

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Classification of laser power

According to different working modes, it can be divided into continuous laser power and pulse laser power.

Continuous laser power

Continuous laser power is a high-performance automatic ignition constant current power

The power realizes high-precision constant current output by means of constant frequency and width adjustment. Small output current ripple and high stability. The ignition part adopts the three-stage freewheeling mode of series high-voltage package arc ignition, LC secondary high-voltage relay and low-voltage constant current connecting arc current, and cooperates with the ignition monitoring circuit to realize automatic ignition, so that the success rate of primary ignition is more than 99%. The high-voltage pulse waveform rises gently, and the intensity can be adjusted step by step to adapt to the dispersion of breakdown voltage of different krypton lamps. At the same time, it can also reduce the sputtering of electrode materials and reduce the adverse impact of high-voltage triggering on the service life of krypton lamps.

Pulsed laser power

Pulsed laser power is specially designed for pulsed Nd: YAG laser. It adopts switching power, which is controlled by single chip microcomputer. It is a real NC power. The laser output power, frequency, pulse width and other parameters are selected through the touch mode operation panel. The user can program the laser pulse waveform and parameters through the keyboard to match the welding parameters with the welding requirements, so as to achieve the best welding effect. Therefore, it can meet the welding needs of almost all metals. It is an ideal configuration of multi-functional laser welding machine, It has the functions of misoperation and overtemperature automatic protection.

Power maintenance method

1. High voltage ignition, the joint of high voltage line is too close to the iron shell.

2. There is no light and the fan does not turn. The fuse is broken.

3. It can be forced to emit light, but not controlled by the motherboard. The low-voltage control part of the front stage is broken.

4. The current cannot be adjusted, and the current control part is broken.

5. The fuse is always blown, which belongs to the short circuit of the power tube.

The maintenance methods of laser power are as follows

1. Replacement of key components. Generally, it does not emit light. You can replace the amplifier tube 460 or 450 first, and then consider replacing the high-voltage package.

2. Voltage detection method.

3. Power on observation method.

Maintenance skills for non luminous CO2 laser power

1. First power on and observe the fault point of the laser power.

2. First, determine whether the cooling fan is running: if the fan is running, it indicates that the high-voltage line is faulty; On the contrary, if the fan does not rotate, it indicates that the control circuit part has failed.

3. If the output voltage of the high-voltage rectifier is normal, check whether the high-voltage rectifier turns to 220v-400, and then check whether the output voltage of the high-voltage rectifier is normal.

4. When the fan does not turn, check whether the voltage after bridge rectification and voltage stabilization is normal, and then check whether the voltage after voltage transformation is normal. Usually, the control chip is prone to failure.

Common sense of power maintenance

1. Check whether the power enclosure is normally grounded before maintenance;

2. Measure whether there is voltage difference between the power box shell and the console or workbench;

3. The aviation plug of power input shall not be inserted incorrectly (the old power or main control box may have the same aviation plug, and its functions are different. The wrong aviation plug may cause the internal control board to burn out or the internal devices to explode);

4. There is high voltage in many places in the box. After power on, hands cannot touch the metal part of the device;

5. Check whether the insulation of measuring instruments (such as multimeter, oscilloscope, etc.) and measuring probes and tools (such as scissors, etc.) is intact;

6. When measuring the voltage, confirm whether the gear is in the voltage gear. Confirm that the measuring range of the instrument shall be greater than the voltage of the test point;

7. Before power on, check whether the load is connected or whether the polarity is correct;

8. Before replacing the components in the power box, first turn off the power, then completely discharge the positive and negative electrodes of the energy storage capacitor (use 100 Ω 50W power resistance) and confirm that there is no voltage with the voltage gear, and then carry out the next replacement or maintenance.

9. When replacing the components in the power box or main control box, make a mark so that the wiring can be correct during replacement. In particular, this should be paid special attention to polar devices or high current and high power devices. Otherwise, the device will be burned directly, and it may explode in serious cases;

10. After replacing the devices, measure the relevant devices before power on to see if there is a short circuit (such as rectifier bridge, IGBT tube, power input and output part, power device input and output, etc.);

11. For unstable operation or good and bad operation of the machine, check whether the screws and wiring terminals of the main circuit in the box are loose (which may occur during transportation), the wiring terminals are oxidized, etc. pay attention to whether there is a lot of dust inside the old power or the power with poor service environment (which can be blown off with an air gun); If there is a lot of oil in the box and the service life is very long, it shall be scrapped if it cannot be repaired.

12. During maintenance, for the power required by the customer to be repaired, it is not allowed to remove the internal tie, control board, cut off the wiring or connect and change everywhere without permission, which may cause interference to the whole machine or performance degradation. For example, when returning, many of the old power supplies have no wiring diagram due to standard problems, which may bring great difficulty to maintenance and scrap in serious cases, The reputation of customers or the company will be affected to a certain extent (Han family products are committed to lifelong maintenance).

13. When the old power cannot be repaired on site and needs to be returned to the head office, all the connecting wires of the upper and lower boxes shall be returned together for more comprehensive inspection and maintenance.

14. The returned power or main control board shall be provided with shockproof protection on the surface to prevent the panel from being scratched, deformed or falling off, so as not to cause unnecessary losses to the company and bring some trouble to the maintenance work.

15. The returned power or main control board shall be labeled with detailed power on-site fault, office name, etc., so as to facilitate the analysis and maintenance of the maintenance technician. Sometimes there are inconsistencies between the test on the whole machine and the separate test. Our maintenance personnel will make relevant maintenance records according to the label, and do a good job in the maintenance tracking of laser power, so as to improve the repair yield.

16. For the old semiconductor main control box or power box, if it is confirmed that a piece is faulty during maintenance and cannot be repaired on site, the whole power or main control box shall be returned( The product is constantly upgraded. For the old version of more than two years, it is impossible to repair and test the scattered control board or main control board in the production line)

17. If it has been repaired for many times and still cannot be used at the customer's place, the wiring of the whole machine and other vulnerable parts shall be checked on site. Check the cause of the fault. Make on-site inspection records and return at random

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