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The pump light generated by the pump is coupled to the gain medium through a mirror. Because the gain medium is rare earth doped fiber, the pump light is absorbed. The rare earth ions that absorb photon energy undergo energy level transition and realize particle number inversion. After inversion, D particles pass through the resonant cavity, transition back to the ground state from the excited state, release energy and form a stable laser output.

The structure of fiber laser is similar to that of traditional solid-state laser and gas laser. It is mainly composed of pump source, gain medium and resonant cavity. Among them, the pump source is generally a high-power semiconductor laser, the gain medium is rare earth doped glass fiber, and the resonator is composed of coupler or fiber grating.

Fiber laser, English name fiber laser, is a device that uses rare earth doped glass fiber as gain medium to generate laser output. The fiber laser can be developed based on the fiber amplifier. Because the fiber core in the fiber laser is very thin, under the action of pump light, the internal power density of the fiber is high, resulting in the phenomenon of "particle number inversion" of the laser energy level. On this basis, the laser oscillation can be formed at the output by forming a resonant cavity through a positive feedback loop.

Product Characteristics

• High electro-optic conversion efficiency;

• QBH connector;

• Wide modulation frequency range;

• The length of output optical fiber can be customized;

• Surface maintenance and operation;

• Small size for easy installation.


Fast, high efficient, deep, firm, little distortion, little affect area, no pollution, energy saves and simple operation.

Technical Parameters

Rated Power 200W
Peak Power 240W
Laser wavelength 1064nm       
Max. Pulse energy 120J   
Laser welding depth 0.1-3.3mm
The pulse width 0.3-20ms
Batter, laser welding frequency 0.5-20Hz
Adjustable range of spot size 0.2-2mm
Machine Power consumption ≤7kw
The demand for electricity 220V±0%/50Hz/31A
Cold system  Water-cooling Chiller
Installation environment Installation Location: 1.5 or less
Environment clean, no dust or less dust
Temperature 13℃ to 40℃
Humidity 5% to 75% non-condensing water
Power 220V/50HZ Alternating current, 30A an air switch, voltage stability

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