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MODEL Structer Weight Working Length PTO Tuming Speed Flail Type Number of Fail Tractor HP
EFGC-105M 250kg 1020mm 540r/min YBlade/Hammer Hammer18/YBlade36 18-25Hp
EFGC-115M 265kg 1120mm Hammer18/YBlade36 18-25Hp
EFGC-125M 277kg 1220mm Hammer18/YBlade36 18-25Hp
EFGC-135M 292kg 1320mm Hammer22/YBlade44 20-30Hp
EFGC-145M 317kg 1420mm Hammer22/YBlade44 30-35Hp
EFGC-155M 332kg 1520mm Hammer22/YBlade44 30-40Hp
EFGC-165M 347kg 1620mm Hammer26/YBlade52 35-45Hp
EFGC-175M 359kg 1720mm Hammer26/YBlade52 40-50Hp
EFGC-185M 385kg 1820mm Hammer32/YBlade64 45-85Hp
EFGC-195M 412kg 1920mm Hammer32/YBlade64 45-85Hp


The EFGC & EFGCH models are stronger and more powerful for maintaining more rugged landscape areas including heavy grasses, storm debris, sticks, vines and more around farms, properties, parklands and roadsides. Ideal for thick grass, sticks, undergrowth and light vines mulching. Vegetable & pasture topping. Roadside maintenance.


-The EFGC & EFGCH series are heavy duty flail mower which are strong and reliable for heavier working loads.

-The low weight and power requirement of the flail mowers make it suit for use with small to medium sized tractor.

-The EFGC & EFGCH range of flail mowers are fitted with a high power 50hp gear box and robust drive line to give hassle free mowing.

-Cutting height controlled by adjustable skids.

-Height strength mulching blades.

-Safety flaps.

-Extra strong and designed with safety in mind.

-Support leg for storage.

-Solid hitch.

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