BX62S wood crusher

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This large, pro-duty chipper integrates with the tractor’s three-point hitch and PTO for easy transport and operation, eliminating the need for additional attachments or motors. The hinged feed chute also allows you to balance weight for easy transport and reduces chippers footprint for storage.

1)Oversized 30” flywheel with 4 reversible blades
2)Integrated air vents for better operation
3)Twig breaker paddles to prevent clogging
4)Hinged feed chute for compact storage and transport
5)Adjustable exit chute
6)PTO shaft included
7)Chips 7” diameter timber
8)Drive type: Group 5 shear pin PTO
9)Tractor recommendation: up 30 to 75HP
10)Operational RPM: 540
11)Rotor Dimensions: 30” Diameter x 3/4” Thick

Technical Parameters

Model BX62S
Maximum Chipping Capacity 6.5” x 12” Material
Min. Operation PTO Horsepower 25 HP
Max Capacity PTO Horsepower 45 HP
Flywheel Weight 205 LBS
No. of Blades 4 + 1
Rotor Size & Thickness 30” dia x 3/4”
Feeding System Pinch & Pull Gravity
Hopper Folded 50” L x 52” W x 74” H
Hopper Opening 25” x 25”
Mounting System 3 Point Hitch Cat-I
Discharge Rotation 360 degrees
Discharge Height 80”
PTO Drive Line Series 05 Shearbolt Driveline
Net Weight 830 lbs
Gross Weight 860 lbs


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