BH-7 Excavator

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Fiber Laser Marking Machine - Laser Engraving Machine - Metal & Plastics: Open worktable, easy to load the material and can work with customized automatic matching system.

Technical Parameters

Model BH5600 BH6600 BH7600  BH8600
Maximum Digging Depth 1830mm 2133mm 2438mm 2745mm
 Digging Depth (two foot flat bottom) 1676mm 1980mm 2286mm 2590mm
 Swing Arc 180 ° 180 ° 180 ° 180
 Loading Height (bucket at 60 ° ) 1270mm 1524mm 1778mm 2032mm
 Reach from Center Line of Swing Pivot 2286mm 2590mm 2895mm 3200mm
 Transport Height (maximum) 1245mm 1498mm 1752mm 2032mm
 Bucket Rotation 180 180 ° 180 ° 180
 Loading Reach (bucket at 60 ° ) 865mm 965mm 1092mm 1220mm
 Transport Overhang 1016mm 1042mm 1066mm 1092mm
 Undercut 660mm 712mm 762mm 812mm
Stabilizer Spread, down position 1700mm 1980mm 2260mm 2565mm
Stabilizer Spread, up position 1066mm 1194mm 1550mm 1828mm
Bucket Cylinder Digging Force 930kgs 1112kgs 1288kgs 1360kgs
Dipper stick Cylinder Digging Force 476kgs 566kgs 910kgs 1135kgs
Shipping Weight (less bucket) 252kgs 296kgs 356kgs 498kgs
Hydraulic Volume 3'4" Requirements 3 to 4 GPM 3 to 4 GPM 4 to 5 GPM 5  to 6 GPM
Hydraulic Pressure Requirements 2000psi 2000 psi 2000 psi 2000 psi
Recommended Tractor HP 18-25HP 20 - 35 HP 25 - 45 HP 35 - 65 HP


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