AGFK Lawn Mower

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MODEL Cutting Width Machine Width NO.of Hammer on double sprial rotor Wight(KG ) HP 
AGFK140 1380mm 1400mm 14pcs of 1200g 520 50-85hp
AGFK160 1580mm 1600mm 14pcs of 1200g 570 50-85hp
AGFK180 1780mm 1800mm 18pcs of 1200g 620 70-110hp
AGFK200 1980mm 2000mm 18pcs of 1200g 640 80-110hp
AGFK220 2180mm 2200mm 18pcs of 1200g 648 90-120hp


AGFK, which rear bonnet could be opened for cutting long grass and releasing the grass more quickly, the scraper for mud is added in front of roller to reduce the loading of roller, and the double spiral rotor of hammers designed for cutting grass more efficiency and need less operating energy.

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