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Shanghai Yandoon Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 2016, is headquartered in Jinqiao Development Zone, Pudong, Shanghai, and its production base is located in Xinbei High-tech Zone, Changzhou, Jiangsu. The company integrates R&D, manufacturing, and sales, focusing on the fields of industrial laser equipment, robots, automation equipment, and agricultural machinery and equipment. Each product has been precisely designed and manufactured, and the products are rich, and the models and parameters are also diverse, which can meet various types of large, medium and small customers. All product users can choose and purchase according to their own needs and needs. If you have any questions, you can call a sales consultant to find a solution, and strive to "customer satisfaction" is the service tenet of Yandang.

Over the years, the company's technical team has undergone continuous independent innovation and research and development, and the accuracy of the laser motion system has been greatly improved. At the same time, dust-proof technology has been added, and the operating noise of the equipment has been reduced, effectively extending the service life of the equipment. In combination with Shanghai’s policies, supporting supply chains, and geographical advantages, we have successfully introduced various types of technologies from other industries and abroad. After absorbing, transforming, and concentrating our own advantages, we have continuously optimized our products and been determined to innovate, and have further established ourselves in the same industry. The technical advantages of the company are well recognized in the industry.

Under the current market orientation, the company continues to innovate, especially in the field of non-metal cutting. The main products include various laser marking machines, laser welding machines, laser descaling machines and laser engraving and cutting machines. Products are widely used in manufacturing industry, aerospace industry, electronics industry, clothing and accessories, craft gifts, advertising, gold and silver jewelry, kitchen and bathroom industries and many other fields.

Yandang Laser has always adhered to the business philosophy of "intelligent manufacturing, intentional innovation, and service to the public", and strives to cooperate with major distributors at home and abroad, in order to become a well-known laser equipment product with globalization, large-scale and strong comprehensive strength.
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